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The Complete Appeal: A practical civil appellate skills seminar (CA) (2011)

Course Summary

This intermediate level program will teach you sound strategies to improve your appellate practice, whether in state or federal court.  

Topics include: using the standard of review to your advantage, effectively briefing the appeal, appealability, writs v. appeals, stays, supersedeas, statements of decision, persuasive oral argument and handling a difficult bench at oral argument.

The panel focuses on civil appellate practice in California and the Federal Courts.

This seminar is an intermediate level course that will focus on expanding the participant's appellate practice knowledge and skills.  Participants hear the court’s perspective, as well as that of respected, experienced appellate attorneys and certified appellate specialists.

Special CA Supreme Court/USSC Session at SF program.  The last hour of the day in SF is focused on the CA Supreme Court and taught by staff attorneys and practitioners familiar with the court.

Available Options:
Registrant Type:
Group Rate($364.00) 
Govít/Legal Aid Firm Attorney (employed by either)($339.00) 
Law Students and Paralegal Students($209.00) 
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