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Ethics, Substance Abuse and Bias All-In-One seminar (CA)

CA CLE Special Units Bonanza Seminar

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"Wonderful exciting delivery and clearly very well versed in rules/law."Kara An Smith, Esq.

"Excellent presentation-didn't burdon us with things we already knew."

"Very personable and sincere."

"The objectives were right on point."

"Very effective and compelling presenter"

"Well done by both speakers, exceeding expectations."

"Outstanding! [Speaker] was dynamic and engertic." Charles Thompson, Esq.

"Very interesting and well thought out presentations.  A must-attend program."  Karen D. Hill, Esq.

“It’s been awhile since the little, often overlooked details are put together into a cohesive whole that becomes clear only in the hindsight of litigation involving the firm.”  Michael D. Smith, Esq.

"Lots of information.  Very interesting topics."

"Very impressive knowledge of a labyrinth of authority."  Stephen M. Kirkland, Esq.

"Very effective & entertaining speakers."

Very knowledgeable & personable.  Handled a difficult subject well."  (re: substance abuse presentation)

"Excellent speakers with impressive substantive knowledge."

"Very enjoyable presentation!"  Deborah Hawkins, Esq.

“Speakers were very professional. A four hour class otherwise could have been really bad!  Speakers are highly credible. The speakers’ styles complement each other. Very well put together program!”

"I enjoyed the energy level of the speakers; nicely animated and held my attention."  Christopher Bakes, Esq.

"Very nice experience. Well planned. Keep them coming!"  Ronald G. Grant, Esq.

"Excellent!"  Constance Klein, Esq.

"Excellent package for MCLE.  Difficult to obtain courses in one seminar.  Thank you!"

"The best presentation of this kind that I have heard!"  Deborah Hawkins, Esq.  (re: substance abuse presentation)

"Very Good." William K. Hencey, Esq.

Dates and Times

To Be Announced

Course Summary

This program is designed to meet most of your special CLE unit requirements: 1 hour of Ethics (out of 4 required), 1 hour of Bias and 1 hour of Substance Abuse, while providing you with an interesting and informative program. 

The CA Bar requires 4 hours of Ethics, 1 hour of Bias and 1 hour of Substance abuse.

The seminar helps you recognize the signs of bias, substance abuse and illegal or unethical activities in a legal work place environment. It also educates you about state ethics regulations related to practicing law.

In this seminar, Wendy Patrick Mazzarella, co author of the newly re-released New York Best Seller, “Reading People,” will teach you about ethics and bias and help you meet your CLE requirements in an entertaining and interesting manner.

Andrew Dieden will teach you about the signs and the consequences of substance abuse and how you can help someone you know, or help yourself.

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What You Will Learn if You Attend This Seminar

  • Ethics pitfalls to avoid
  • Ethical grey areas
  • Ethics 'Hot Topics'
  • How to spot and verify substance abuse both on the job and after hours
  • What ethical rules require attorneys to protect their clients from bias, the adverse effects of substance abuse, and other wrongful acts of both attorney and non-attorney employees
  • What laws require an attorney to protect his or her employees from wrongful conduct by a client
  • How to minimize disruption and maximize your effectiveness by handling issues both firmly and sensitively
  • Detecting signs and symptoms of bias in the legal field (at the office, the boardroom, the courtroom, within the jury)
  • Stereotypes that contribute to bias in the legal field
  • Suggestions for eliminating bias in the legal field




This interactive seminar gets everyone involved, with valuable input solicited from the audience members used to supplement and enhance the information provided by the speakers. 

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MCLE Credit

Pincus Professional Education certifies that this activity has been approved in the amount of 3.0 credit hours in California, including: 1 credit hour of ethics, 1 credit hour of bias and 1 credit hour of substance abuse.

Upon request, we will assist attorneys with their submissions for CLE approvals in other states.

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Wendy Patrick Mazzarella, Esq.
Trial Attorney
San Diego County
Instructor Portrait

Wendy Patrick Mazzarella is a Trial Attorney, named by her peers as one of the Top Ten criminal attorneys in San Diego by the San Diego Daily Transcript in both 2008 and 2007. She began her legal career as a trial attorney with the San Diego County Deputy Public Defender’s Office.  Most of her practice is trial work; she has completed approximately 140 trials including 92 criminal jury trials ranging from stalking, to torture, to first-degree murder.  In her current assignment in the Sex Crimes and Stalking Division she prosecutes cases involving vice, child molestation, and sexually violent predators.  She received her Bachelors degree in psychology from the University of California Los Angeles, and her Law Degree from California Western School of Law.  Her legal education included study in Vienna, Austria, Budapest, Hungary, and interning at a Barrister firm in London, England.  Ms. Mazzarella is admitted to practice law in California, the United States District Court in the Southern District of California, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.

Ms. Mazzarella is the former Chair and a current member of the San Diego County Bar Association’s Ethics Committee, one of 16 members of the California State Bar’s Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct (COPRAC), and an accomplished public speaker on the topic of ethics both nationally and internationally.  She teaches ethics around the country on a regular basis for various legal and business organizations, and is an Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) certified instructor for law enforcement.   Ms. Mazzarella has been featured as a media topic area expert on the radio as well as on both local and international television.

In a different genre of programs, Ms. Mazzarella presents motivational seminars, keynote speeches, and workshops nationwide.  She is a frequent conference opening speaker around the country on the subjects of “Reading People” and “How to Make a Great Impression,” and she also presents at business retreats and workshops on the topics of “Effective Communication with Difficult People,” “Leadership,” “Building Partnerships,” and related subjects.

Ms. Mazzarella is published on a regular basis.  She is co-author of Reading People (Random House 2008), and was a contributing author to the Encyclopedia of Race and Racism (Macmillan Reference 2007), and Hate Crimes: Causes, Controls, and Controversies (SAGE 2004).  She has her own ethics column in the San Diego Daily Transcript, a regular column in Law Enforcement Quarterly, is a columnist and editorial Board member for San Diego Lawyer, and has been published multiple times in California District Attorneys Association publications and the California State Bar Criminal Law Journal.  She has also been published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal, has contributed several MCLE ethics articles for the California Bar Journal, and has been published in The Professional Lawyer, published by the American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility and the Standing Committee on Professionalism.  She is a contributing ethics author for Doing Justice and The Practical Prosecutor (National College of District Attorneys national publications).

Ms. Mazzarella sits on the Executive Committee of the California State Bar Criminal Law Section and is a Master in the Louis M. Welsh American Inn of Court.  She is a past Vice President of the SDCBA, a past Vice President and Programs Chair of the Lawyers Club of San Diego, and a past Board member of the San Diego Crime Victim’s Fund.

Ms. Mazzarella has been recognized for her legal work as well as her work in the community.  She received the Service to the San Diego County Bar Association Award from the San Diego County Bar Association in 2005, the Friend of the Community Award from the Tom Homann Law Association in 2003, and was recognized as one of San Diego Metropolitan Magazine’s 40 under 40 honorees in 2001.

On a personal note, Ms. Mazzarella holds a purple belt in Shorin-Ryu karate, is a concert violinist with the La Jolla Symphony, and plays the electric violin professionally with a rock band, performing both locally and in Hollywood.  Regarding Ms. Mazzarella’s true passion in life, she holds a Master of Divinity degree summa cum laude from Bethel Seminary San Diego where she co-chaired the Student Senate, and was awarded the 2009 Excellence in Preaching Award and the Zondervan Biblical Languages Award.  

Andrew L. Dieden, Esq.

Andrew L. Dieden Law Office

Andrew L. Dieden, Esq. is a recovering alcoholic and board Vice President of the National Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Addictions – Bay Area (NCADA-BA). Andrew has been sober 8 years and has been a practicing attorney since 1993.

Andrew has found addiction and recovery far easier to understand and execute by relating his recovery program to the familiar language and lessons of sports. He wrote his book, The Sport’s Lover’s Guide to Recovery to help addicts and those who love them find happiness through recovery and sports.

Mr. Dieden has been an addiction recovery center speaker for Kaiser Permanente, Promises Treatment Centers, Support Homes and Sequoia Center. In addition, Andrew has been a radio guest and television guest on national broadcasts speaking on the subject of recovery.


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What attendees have said about this seminar:

"At last, a single seminar that provides 1 hour each of ethics, bias and substance abuse MCLE credit."

“Excellent presentation. High energy. Lots of information. Answered all questions. Lots of practical advice.”  Priscilla Thorner, Esq.

"Excellent presenter. Interesting content.”  Patricia Conroy, Esq.

"Very good information!"

"The written materials are great for later reference!"

"Since [the speaker] has personal experience with addiction, his presentation is invested with far more credibility and impact.  His presentation was powerful and insightful."  (re: substance abuse presentation)

"Very dynamic speaker.  I really enjoyed the presentation."

"[Speaker] was very gracious in sharing his experience with addiction."  (re: substance abuse presentation)

"[Speaker is] very engaging and clearly interested in the material, which enhanced the presentation."  Stephen M. Kirkland, Esq.

"Excellent, thoughtful, practical.  Great pleasant manner.  Thank you for your honesty."  (re: substance abuse presentation)

“[The speakers] did a fabulous job on keeping very dry topics interesting. They use interaction with students to hold their attention, as well as using the interaction very effectively.”  Steven Ball, Esq.

"[Speakers] gave four hours of very entertaining and informative material."  Craig E. Farmer, Esq.

"This seminar can be applied instantly!"  Ronald G. Grant, Esq.

"Excellent! I enjoyed it!"  Christopher Kim, Esq.

"I found it interesting, useful, moved quickly, and it held my interest."

"The speakers brought great experience to this class."

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Terms & Policies

Seminar, Webinar, Webcast Registration and Attendance Terms & Policies

Reminder: The room temperature at hotels and other seminar locations are notoriously hard to control. Please bring a sweater or jacket in case it gets cold and/or layer as if you are going to the movies so you are comfortable.

Recording policy: No audio or video recording of any program is permitted.

Seminar Cancellations: Should you be unable to attend for any reason, please inform us in writing no later than 14 days prior to the event and a credit voucher will be issued. If you prefer, a refund, less a $50 non-refundable deposit, will be issued. No refunds or credits will be given for cancellations received within 14 days of an event. However, if you notify us within 14 days of an event, and wish to convert your in-person attendance registration to an Audio CD package (with handout), we can do so. A small additional shipping charge, and sales tax in CA, will be incurred. No shipping charge is incurred for downloads. We will also issue a voucher for the amount paid if you notify us within 14 days and prefer not to have the audio recording.

Substitutions may be made at any time.

Webinars, Tele-seminars and Webcast Cancellations: Once log-in codes and passwords are issued for a webinar, tele-seminars or webcasts, a refund is not possible. If for any reason you cannot attend the event after you have received the codes, we will automatically convert your registration to an instant streaming/instant download or CD format and provide you with the information you need to access the recording after the program concludes and the recording is available.

Return/Refund Policy for Downloads/Tapes/CDs/DVDs:

Downloads are non-returnable/non-refundable once purchased and received. Tapes, CDs and DVDs are returnable for a full refund or replacement if defective, within 90 days of purchase.

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