A Word from Faith Pincus

As an attorney and former judicial law clerk, I created Pincus
Professional Education to provide attorneys with better quality
Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs with
a strong practical focus. Our courses are
taught by judges, justices, current or former
judicial law clerks & staff attorneys, and highly
recommended expert practitioners.

Our programs teach you the practical skills you need to
succeed. You will receive tips from the bench, you will learn
what to do and definitely not do, and you will go home with a
practical handout that includes exemplars when relevant.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming programs. Feel free to email or call us with any questions that you may
have. Please remember to like us on Facebook to receive discounts, freebies, legal news and to find out more about us.

Public Speaking Training

Now for sale, Public Speaking Made Easy.  Call 626.298.6353. 

Everyone can be a better public speaker.

Faith's professionally recorded "Public Speaking is Easy" DVD for professionals will teach you basic and advanced techniques guaranteed to improve your public speaking.

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Karen P. Kimmey
Farella Braun + Martel LLP
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Featured Charity

We have all seen the sad story in the news about a neglectful dog owner who goes into a store "just for a minute" and returns to find his dog dead inside the car, where, on hot days, interior temperatures can reach over 160 degrees in just ten minutes. In happier endings, the police arrive to smash the car window to rescue the dog in time. Please consider buying and using this sun shade to spread the word to keep dogs (and other pets) safe on hot days. For only $20.00 you could save an animal's life. It's a bargain.


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